Tuesday, September 9, 2008

You are Hereby Cordially Invited to the Party of the Century

Yes, the almost five year old has huge plans for his birthday. He has been planning this since at least June. Just yesterday he informed me I was to send birthday invitations to not only all the family (which he named every last Aunt, Uncle, cousin and 2nd cousin twice removed) but all his friends, all his brother and sister's friends, all Daddy's friends, and all my friends. Let me tell you if I manage to pull off all he wants this is going to be huge. I mean MTV's "I'm a 16 year old spoiled rich girl, throw me the biggest party ever Daddy" reality show will have nothing on this. We are to start the party at the local air force base complete with soldiers and an airshow. I thought this was going to be the hardest part but the birthday fairy must listen to the wishes of an almost 5 year old because the local air force base is hosting an open to the public airshow the weekend of the birthday. I lucked out on that one. From there the party is going on a road trip. We will all be meeting at Santa Claus, Indiana where I am supposed to rent out Holiday World. We will be riding lots of roller coasters. I am also supposed to make them reopen their water park so we can do some "awesome" water slides. After that it is back to St. Louis so we can all go to a Cardinals game. I'm not sure they are even scheduled to be in town that weekend but I'm sure a small phone call and I can arrange something. After the Cards whoop butt on whatever team happens to be playing we will all head down to the arch grounds to watch a "sweet" fireworks show. Once again I'm sure all it will take to shut down the barge traffic on the Mississippi River for about a half hour would be a couple phone calls or a really polite e-mail. Finally after the fireworks we will all come to my home where we will have a BBQ (and you thought I wasn't going to feed you), cake, ice cream and play games. Oh, and can't forget presents. He would like to receive lots of army men. Let's see, his birthday is the end of this month, I still have time to organize this.


Stef said...

Aweee...I wanna come to his party!!!!!

Kim said...

LOL...he DOES have it all worked out! Have fun with his party!

Janet said...

Now that's what I call a P-A-R-T-Y! Have fun planning that. LOL!