Friday, August 29, 2008

Tears of a Clown

Sometimes life seems incredibly unfair. I knew the day was coming, but being a living in denial type person, the news that a friend of mines health has taken a turn for the worse felt like a punch to the gut. To say her past six years have been tough would be a severe understatement. She's not only had to battle a life threatening disease but those who should have been her rock abandoned her. But through her strength, positive attitude, faith and will to live she has touched more lives than she probably knows, especially those of her children. I've thought of those beautiful children many times since hearing the news. I can not imagine what they are going through. My thoughts turn to my own children. What are they learning from me? I hope they learn to find happiness no matter what life throws at them. I hope they learn that if they don't like something change it. If they can not change it then accept it but don't dwell. I hope they learn that there is a healthy balance between living for today (me) yet planning for tomorrow (Dave). I hope they learn to not fear change. Change is good, it is exciting, and adds adventure to one's life. And even if the change is not so good that it is a growth opportunity. And I pray they learn to love, protect, and nurture each other and their loved ones. Most days I'd say they've got that one covered (except for the occasional sibling battles).

To my dear friend I pray God gives her peace and strength for whatever time He allows her here. And I pray her children feel her love for all their years.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

New to the Blogiverse

Well, here I am. My very first blog--ever. We've been told we have a fun house (I lean towards crazy house). I hope through this blog you can get a peek into our fun (or craziness). First let me direct you towards the center ring and introduce your entertainment. Dave and I married 13 years ago with huge plans and a well thought out future. Within 2 months the plans went out the window with a + sign on a stick and life has not been boring since. Eddie our oldest is quickly approaching the teen years (you have to have the word teen in the name for it to count to me). He is charming, goofy and very witty. Ed has already mastered the fine art of sarcasm and is pretty good at using it to be funny but not disrespectful. He also has my fantastic laid back attitude. Erica is my living breathing PDA. She makes sure everyone around her is doing exactly what they are supposed to do ON TIME. She is my little mini-me in looks but the polar opposite in attitude (should make for fun teenage years). But don't think for a minute the goof gene passed her by. She loves nothing more than to entertain. And JonJon, my little red haired, freckled nose, mischievous little (only in age) guy. He was the most easy going baby but as soon as he learned to walk I was in trouble. Thankfully he has outgrown the age of painting himself, the living room, and the dog in peanut butter and has turned into an energetic, always smiling and laughing preschooler. Now sit back and enjoy the show.