Monday, September 8, 2008

Music Monday

Miss Stef from The Love Knot wants to know what music is speaking to me right now. Well I'm going to show my true dorky side. Laugh all you want but I am totally excited that The Block from New Kids is out. I haven't bought it... yet (please let me know if it is totally lame for a 30-something woman is buying the NKOTB CD). But I was so thrilled to hear of their reunion. I love their single Summertime and their video debut of the song on VH1 was the first time I've watched a music video in at least ten years. In some way the music of NKOTB lets me go back. Back to a time of friends, goofing off, slipping notes into my friends lockers, writing on bathroom walls that I loved Mark (I knew I didn't have a shot with Jordan), and cruising around with the buds in a stripped down Festiva singing acapella and making up our own words because it didn't even have a radio. So Danny, Donnie, Joey, Jordan, and Jon (and no, I did not name my youngest after him) thank you for making me feel like a kid again.