Friday, February 27, 2009

That Will Teach Her...

A little over a year ago we brought home an adorable little ball of fluff that was part Poodle and part Schnauzer. A Schnoodle, so my creative children named her Noodle. I would love to say she is well behaved and never causes any problems. But along with being a four legged paper shredder, a destroyer of plastic army men, and a stuffed animal hunter she is also a trash digger. She is just tall enough to stand on her hind legs and get her head in the trash can to look for discarded goodies. She knows this is bad because all we have to do is say her name and she tucks her tail and gives us that "I'm so sorry." look. But like children at her respected age she suffers from "I forgot mom said don't do this"itis. The other night after our long drive home from Kentucky I was making the kids a quick easy dinner of chicken nuggets and fries. After I get dinner in the oven I head upstairs to do some quick unpacking when suddenly I hear loud laughing and my husband telling me to come quick and grab my camera. Apparently Noodle was trying to get herself a little snack and she somehow managed to get the fry bag stuck on her head and she couldn't get it off. I did get it off her but not until I snapped a couple pictures.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordful Wednesday By Royal Decree...

We took a little trip over the weekend. By the look of the picture one would almost think we had gone to Europe. But no, we drove out to Lexington, KY where surrounded by acres and acres of horse farms stands this oddity. According to what I could find on the Internet a couple had gone over to Europe around the 1970's and the wife fell in love with the castles they saw. Her spouse who must have been an extremely generous man said "Sure honey I'll build you one of your very own when we get home." The story turns sad then and apparently the couple divorced prior to completion of the castle. The gorgeous and large home has never been occupied. A few years ago the castle burnt to the ground after a possible lightening strike. The irony here is the fire department couldn't reach the flames because of a moat like ditch. From what little I could find, it sounds as if a new owner has bought it and has rebuilt it with the possibly of turning it into a bed and breakfast.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Time For A Brag...

Erica was required to write a story for Young Authors a couple months ago. Being that it was right before Christmas she opted for a story about some of Santa's little elves. I helped her type it up and together we looked up some clip art for the pictures. She turned it in and that was the end of it. Up until last week that is. Last week she bounces in the door from school all excited and shows me a sheet of paper. It seems The Three Little Elves won a regional award. She will be going to the Young Authors award/conference in late March. She will have a writers work shop, get to meet a real life children's author, and have her book put on display. We are very proud of our little writer. We made this trip a few years ago with Eddie and his Adventures of Sockman book. See, they take after their Momma because I still have my little book that won at the state level. The Magical Unicorn, look for it at a bookstore near you. (ok not really)


Friday, February 20, 2009

Mushy Momma...

Yesterday my sister in law needed me to watch her 10 year old son after school while she was working. I love EJ dearly so it was my pleasure to do so, but I had to pick him up early so I could be back in town when my two got out of school. My kids knew he was coming to spend the evening with us so they were very excited. While on my way there Jon was telling me all the fun things he wanted to show EJ.

Then just as we get within a mile of EJ's school Jon very seriously and cautiously says "Mom, when we get there" *pause* "please don't say that thing to me."

I'm a bit confused so I ask him what thing he is talking about.

His reply "You know," *another pause* "that thing" *pause again* "when you tell me you love me and you say I'm a cutie." heart sunk. He's only 5 and already embarrassed by me? I think he could sense my sadness and said "I still love you and you get to still love me but just don't say it in front of EJ." I guess that made me feel a little better.

"Oh yeah and no holding my hand and huggies or kissies either."

Talk about twisting the knife already.

He did give me permission to give him a good-night kiss and tell him I loved him after I had taken EJ home.

P.S. 28 days until spring!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Teenagers And Broken Hearts...

Friday was Eddie's Jr. High dance. Earlier in the week he had me run him all over the mall to find the perfect outfit. I didn't mind that so much, I'm always up for a good shopping trip especially when a kid is eager to hang with me. After much prodding from mom he admits he is wanting to ask a girl to the dance but she has been out sick with the flu all week. Friday evening he cleans all up and gets dressed to bust a move (yeah, I'm that old) and informs me that said girl made it to school that day but he lost his nerve to ask her but she was going to the dance too. I said "Well you don't have to show up with her to dance and hang out with her". He thought that was a great idea and was very excited to go. He wasn't too excited though as we dropped him off at the front door of the school his dad and I rolled down the windows to profess our love for him LOL. Parents, how embarrassing. A couple hours later I go back to pick him up and he looks like someone ran over his dog. I asked him what was wrong and if he had a bad time. He said it was fun all the way up to the last ten minutes. He said he danced with his friends and the girl. But towards the end of the night he asked the girl if she would go out with him. She said no :-( and he was crushed. I had conflicting emotions. Upset that my sweet, funny, caring son had his heart broken but at the same time glad that we escaped the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing for a little longer. But overall I'm hate to see more evidence that my first baby is growing up.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordful Wednesday On An Eagle Hunt...

A couple weeks ago, while the weather was still in the twenties, we headed out in search of bald eagles. Every year around this time they migrate to the area. This year has been reported as being one of the largest populations of eagles in many years.

We ended up going to the Missouri Bottoms Confluence which is where the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers meet. As we were driving to the river area we watched this guy. Being that it doesn't usually stay cold enough long enough to freeze bodies of water we found this very cool.

We saw at least 5 eagles flying around and swooping into the river for fish but they were so far away I couldn't get a good picture of one.

After we left the confluence area we took a drive up the Great River Road in Illinois. The Mississippi River was covered in a thick layer of ice in many places and that is where we saw this guy hanging out just as the sun was setting.

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P.S. 36 days until Spring.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

37 Days Till Spring...

That is the glorious sign that is on one of our local landscaping companies. Finally a countdown that makes me deliriously happy much unlike the the Christmas countdowns that just makes me anxious. The last couple days have been wonderfully springlike too. After what feels like endless months of twenty degree days the sun has popped out and we have had highs in the upper 60's-low 70's. I know this won't last, it is only February after all, but I am enjoying it while it is here. I am leaving the heavy winter coats on the coat rack. I am not bundled up head to toe in sweatshirts and sweaters.
I am letting my little tootsies see the sunlight by wearing my beloved sandals. Ah yes, spring is just around the corner so kiss my toe winter.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Turn Around And Let Me Take Your Picture...

Over the weekend the weather was nice so we headed out to Southern Missouri to go hiking. While out there we stopped at this Missouri Mining Museum so I thought it would be a great opportunity to whip out the camera and take some shots of the kids.

They really were not all that cooperative.

Erica just did not want to do this today without being goofy. Any time I even pointed the camera in her direction she hollered "STALKER!" and would run away.

I was able to get one non-silly shot of JonJon. The rest he decided were a good opportunity to use the dance moves he inherited from his father's dna.

And this, *shakes head* this is what I end up with when I have my camera set on continuous shooting and say "Hey Ed, turn around let me take your picture."

"Yikes Scoob! It's the Creeper!"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wordful Wednesday From The Sick Ward...

Let's do the math. 5 people - 3 kids down with the flu = 2 parents on Tamiflu to try to avoid the flu. It's been a feverish, snotty, coughing, medicine taking time at our house. Hope you and yours have escaped this.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Music Monday On Groundhog Day...

I can't think of a better song for today than the one that Bill Murry's character woke up too day after day in the movie Groundhog Day. Enjoy!