Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Little Hero...

Last night, while I was coloring my hair, Eddie was playing the ps3 with his new blue tooth headset he bought himself. It was an online game so he was playing with 16 or so other people from around the world and the headset allows him to have a conversation with his fellow gamers. (isn't that just too cool?) Dave, being just as much as a child tormentor as I am, was doing his best to embarrass Eddie. This new headset easily picks up and broadcasts background noises so Dave started yelling random things in the background. Apparently the yelling downgraded into Dave loudly saying random "Your Momma..." jokes so the other players could hear. This got JonJon attention very quickly. The little guy ran into the room and told Daddy that he was being mean and that his momma wasn't dumb, short, fat, or ugly. Followed by "You better tell mommy you're sorry or else you will be in big trouble."

How do I know all this? Dave came in the bathroom, while I sat with stinky bright red goo on my head, laughing to tell me sorry. Awww my hero.

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Denise said...

Awww! What a good kid looking out for his Mom!

I’ve been given the Lemonade Award by a fellow blogger. I’d like to pass it along to you if you so choose to accept. Stop by my blog to get the details.