Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Son The Future Author...

Every once in a while Eddie has a homework assignment for literature class where he has to write a short story. I have to share this particular one because it sums up his personality so well. Enjoy and read at your own risk.

What really happened to Humpty Dumpty
By: Eddie
There once was Humpty Dumpty, the egg, who enjoyed sucking on lollypops on an eight hundred ft. wall. When the egg wanted to go buy lollypops he would jump off the wall and land on a pillow, so he could go next door to the five cent candy store. This day was just the same as any day. The king was out hunting with his golden musket .the townsfolk were begging. The children were scurrying, screaming, and laughing. As the king shot his weapon it misfired, and blew Humpty into a million pieces. All the king said was “That was one lucky shot; no I mean we’ll all miss Humpty a lot.” And it was true. The townsfolk did miss him because he was the best breakfast they would ever have. Sadly, the king was dethroned and beheaded for killing the last Dou-Dou bird egg. Now that you know the true story of Humpty Dumpty you must join the F.B.I. or be devoured by the giant squid.
The end

*welcome to the F.B.I.*


Kirsty said...

LOL the kid has got talent. Very clever :D That was one lucky shot..ROFL

Mom102 said...

LOL Well done, Eddie! He's a character.

Denise said...

LOL!!! I love the ending