Monday, December 8, 2008

Fun Now In Exchange For Years Of Therapy Later (aka I Love To Torture My Kids)...

A little over a week ago I hurt myself doing something um well stupid. My little mishap left me with a sprained/possibly broken thumb. To attempt to speed the healing I have been wearing a lovely flesh colored thumb immobilizer. For whatever reason this thing totally creeps JonJon out. He will pull his hand away and run around to the other side of me if he forgets and and holds my bad hand. He doesn't want me to touch anything of his with the wrapped hand. So being the loving mother I am, I torture him with the hand at all possible moments. After I tuck him into bed, give hugs and kisses, and do everything at bedtime with my good hand, I'll give him a pat on the head with the bad hand right before I walk out the door. I'll ask for him to give me 5 on the good hand and then switch hands while he is in mid slap. After pouring him a drink with my good hand, I hand it too him with my bad hand. Oh the fun is endless. And the fun is just not limited to the youngest child. Yesterday we took the kids to Toys R Us so Eddie could use his gift card he got. He also got all the money he has earned for the past year or so gathered together. All together it was quite a wad of cash. He beelined for the ps3 games. While he was deciding on what he wanted to spend his money on Dave and I noticed they actually had a couple wii in stock. We decided to offer Eddie to make up the difference if he wanted to put his money towards a wii. As we made said offer you could see the two little ones' faces light up. Erica immediately started rattling off games we could get. To all of our disbelief Eddie chose the ps3 game and headset he picked out. As we were driving home Dave told the kids that was their one and only shot at getting a wii. And I just couldn't help myself, I had to say "Thanks Ed."

In my defense, I'm a stay at home mom, I have to find my entertainment somewhere. Hopefully Dave will always have insurance that covers psychological visits we may need them in the future.

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Kirsty said...

LOL ahhh so glad I am not alone in my warped depravity. There really is nothing quite as fun is there? I think it's the guilt that makes it that much better. Like when you eat cheesecake on a diet. :D