Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Point In Favor Of The Donut...

January 5th Erica got to celebrate her birthday (half birthday to be exact) at school. She requested Krispy Kreme donuts for her treat (ahhh, she is my daughter) to be delivered to her classroom at 2:30. Since the 5th happened to be the first day back from Christmas break everything I did was way behind schedule. So at 1:30 in the afternoon I rush out of the house with JonJon to drive the 20 mile one way trip mostly little back twisty roads to the nearest Krispy Kreme. I just get out of town and am at my usual cruising speed. JonJon and I are jamming to the local country station as a county police officer passes me going the opposite direction. I do what most people do in such situations, I tap my breaks. I look in the rear view mirror and see him do a u-turn in the middle of the road and turn on his flashy lights. "Perfect" I think to myself. I pull over to the side of the road and dig out my license and insurance card while he walks up to my car. All the while JonJon is asking me twenty questions from the back seat. (Mommy, why did the police man pull you over? Are you getting a ticket? Are you going to jail? I'm telling daddy.)

I roll down the window and plaster a big old silly smile on my face.

Me: Hello, officer. (you know just in the off chance he was bored and looking for some small talk)

Officer: Hi there. You in a hurry?

Me: Ummm sort of. Not really. (as I hand him my cards)

Officer: Where you heading?

Me: Honestly?

Officer: *smiles* Sure.

Me: Well... to get donuts. (now I'm worried he is thinking I'm making a wise crack or a bribe. For the record the man looked as if he might have tasted a donut or two.)

Officer: Donuts huh?

Me: Yeah. My daughter requested Krispy Kreme for her birthday party at school. (I'm feeling mighty silly by now)

Officer: *chuckles* Are they hot?

Me: They're always hot aren't they?

Officer: I'll be right back.

He takes my stuff and heads back to his car. I sit pondering how much this little trip to the donut shop is going to cost while JonJon is still adding his two cents from the back seat. After a couple minutes the officer comes back to my car and says "Since your going after donuts for your girl's birthday I'm giving you a warning but slow down."

I went on my way albeit at a slower pace and managed to buy 4 dozen donuts drive back to town and still made it to the class room by 2:36. Although I half expected to get pulled over on the way back with the officer asking for a donut.


Kirsty said...

Thanks for the craving!! You should have swung by the station with a box for him ;) It must have been your winning smile. Nice going :D LOL at the backseat commentary. I can well imagine it.oo

Janet said...

Okay, that's two Krispy Kreme references I've come across today. Maybe somebody's trying to tell me something. And, yea, that cop deserved a donut for being so nice. ROFL at the commentary.

Kim said...

LOL! Glad you got the donuts there on time!

Denise said...

ROFL!!! My kids love those too, glad he was so nice & only gave you a warning.