Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here's A Bit Of Nostalgia For You...

I was about ten years old when I got my first camera. Santa brought me a Polaroid One Step and a three pack of film.
It was big, bulky, and loud but I think I went through all thirty pictures within the first hour. I took pictures of everything. Pictures of my sisters, my dogs, my toys, my parents absolutely no one and nothing was safe until that last picture was spit out the front. I still have my photo album from then and still have pictures of my little sister dressed in kooky outfits that I talked her into modeling for me (if I posted them she'd kill me). I eventually graduated to a little 110 Kodak then to a 35mm, a couple little point and shoot digital camera and most recently to a dslr Pentax k200d (my baby). But none give that same excitement of two giggling little girls standing over an undeveloped picture sitting on the table waiting for the picture to appear.

Sadly Polaroid is going to quit producing the nifty film that you had to shake to make the picture show faster. Everyone knows the faster the shake the faster it developed. Just recently though I found out about this very cool site called Poladroid. It is a free download where you can take your digital photos and turn them into Polaroid looking pictures, complete with the "polaroid noise" (you know the one) and gradual fade in. You can even shake it. Granted, it isn't the same but fun none the less.

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Jenni Jiggety said...

Cool site! We had a camera like that back in the day! We actually still have it but can't find the film anymore!