Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Totally Inappropriate Response To A Crisis...

I'll start this post by saying I'm a very, very good cook. I can whip up all sorts of yummy stuff that my husband loves. The kids on the other hand really only like about three things hot dogs, pizza, and chicken nuggets, but I can nuke a mean dog too. Anyway, last night I was really wanting some cabbage so I decided to make my beef and cabbage. I dug out my big 6qt pot to find that when the kids emptied the dishwasher they put it away with some crusties in it. So I hand wash it and then just set it on a hot burner to dry while I mince some onions. Dave was sitting on the other side of the counter chatting with me as I chopped. When I was done chopping I grabbed the bottle of olive oil and poured a bit into the hot pot so I could saute the onions. Suddenly, WHOOSH there is a foot and a half flame out of the pot. I jumped back a bit and squeaked then doubled over and starting laughing. Why I found this so funny I don't know. But Dave apparently found it hilarious too because he was laughing too. There is this huge flame threatening to take out the kitchen cabinets while our kids are innocently watching TV and we are laughing our butts off. Finally I decide maybe the kitchen isn't the best place for a campfire so I grab the flaming pot as Dave opens the garage door for me and grabs the fire extinguisher. The whole time we are still are still laughing like fools (intermittent by me saying "Ow! Hot! Ow!") We get the pot outside and Dave hits it with a shot from the extinguisher. With one final fireball (that singed the hair off Dave's arm) the crises was over. We were still giggling as I finished dinner using a different pot. I'm thinking it's good we never became firefighters if that is our response to a fire. Some poor victim screams "Help me! Help me! My house is on fire!" and we fall on the ground laughing. Not good.

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