Monday, February 9, 2009

Turn Around And Let Me Take Your Picture...

Over the weekend the weather was nice so we headed out to Southern Missouri to go hiking. While out there we stopped at this Missouri Mining Museum so I thought it would be a great opportunity to whip out the camera and take some shots of the kids.

They really were not all that cooperative.

Erica just did not want to do this today without being goofy. Any time I even pointed the camera in her direction she hollered "STALKER!" and would run away.

I was able to get one non-silly shot of JonJon. The rest he decided were a good opportunity to use the dance moves he inherited from his father's dna.

And this, *shakes head* this is what I end up with when I have my camera set on continuous shooting and say "Hey Ed, turn around let me take your picture."

"Yikes Scoob! It's the Creeper!"

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