Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Zombie Grandpas...

Yesterday afternoon Dave and I were driving in the car with JonJon in the back seat. The child is obsessed with all things military, so when we passed up a VFW hall that had an old tank sitting out front it opened up a flood gate of questions.

JonJon: Is that an Army tank?

Dave: yes it is

JonJon: Did your daddy ride in that tank?

Dave: No, my daddy worked on airplanes and rode on boats (father-in-law was in the air force for a while then moved to the navy).

JonJon: Oh, Mommy did your daddy ride in that tank?

Me: No, my daddy was a sailor and worked with computers (probably insanely boring in the mind of a 5 year old who wanted to hear that our dads went to war with guns blazing taking out all the bad guys).

JonJon now disappointed: oh...did they get dead?

Dave: Uh, no. Mommy and Daddy's dads are your grandpas, they aren't dead.

JonJon sighing like we stated the obvious: I know that they are my grandpas. But they could be dead. I think they are zombies.

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Denise said...

LOL!!! "they could be zombies" ROFL!!!