Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Can't Take Them Anywhere...

Every Sunday it is required that we take a trip to Wal-Mart (blah) to pick up things for the kids' breakfasts and lunches. Usually I try to make this trip sans kids. Anyone who has ever been to a Wal-Mart on a weekend will know it is absolutely insane there. Today we were all out and the store was on the way home so in my mind at the time it made sense to stop then. The five of us walk through the front doors and are greeted by our singing greeter. "Weeeeeelcooooome to Waaaaaaaallllll-Maaaaaarrrrrrrrrt!" I say my silent prayer that I am so glad I do not work there and have to listen to that all day long. Eddie grabs a cart and follows the rest of us to get toothpaste. Before ever crossing off the first item on my list my heels have been run over by the cart, and I've told both of the younger ones they could not swing off my arms today (I have pinched a nerve somewhere and have shooting pain down my arms, chiropractor tomorrow). As I slowly cross off items I have thrown in the cart Dave and I are rambling things like "Don't touch that! Put that down! Jon get over here! Where did Erica go this time? Eddie don't run into anyone!" We get over to the cheese where Dave is searching for some Havarti and the kids are still being a bit wild. Dave sees a hand sneak past him and grab for a block of cheese and he smacks it and says "Stop grabbing stuff!" The hand pulls back minus the cheese and suddenly a woman starts laughing behind us. We turn around and she is rubbing her hand and says "I take it you've said that a few times in here." Yes my husband smacked a strange woman. He was very apologetic and embarrassed. If I recall though the woman left without her cheese. At least someone listens.

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Jennifer said...

Oh Missy I am LOL!!!!!

And I'm glad she had such good humor about it!

btw how was the adult night out?