Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HELLOOOOO...HElloooo...helllooo...echo... echo...

*Looks around* *gets out swiffer duster cause feather dusters are so not hip* *proceed with dusting off blog* *cough cough sneeze*

There now. WELCOME to 2010! What happened between March of 09 and today you ask? Well birthdays came and went, vacations to Mesa Verde, Moab, Florida, Holiday World, and New Orleans occurred. All three kids became student of the month, the baby started kindergarten *sniff*, Dave got a cool little 2 seater car (yay for midlife crisis), I got more and more camera stuff (yay for more midlife crisis), my brother-in-law moved far far away (to New Orleans) and took my favorite sister-in-law with him (how rude!), and just plain life and all the craziness that goes along with it happened. We've been relatively healthy. And, I had an unfun adjustment time after sending Jon away to Kindergarten. What's is it with little kids demanding to grow up? But now, all's good! Hope to keep a semi-regular new post up. For now Happy New Year! (13 days late)

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