Friday, October 17, 2008

HO! HO! HO! BOO! Huh?

I am so confused. When exactly did Halloween become one of the Happy Holidays? I've seen stores putting out their Christmas trees and decorations since September. The earliest violator being a craft store but I sort of get that, sort of. Now you walk into any of your WalMarts or Targets and what do you see? Aisles of spooky decorations and scary masks everywhere but what's that sound? Why it's Jingle Bells coming from the next aisle over where the multicolored lights are blinking to the beat. Never did I expect to see the inflatable Grim Reaper grinning eerily at the inflatable Santa. You can almost sense the tension between the big puffy bodies. It's like a sign of the apocalypse. In one aisle we have the witches, vampires, ghosties and gore. And in the next aisle we have Frosty, Santa, Rudolf and baby Jesus in a manger. What happened to Christmas starting after Thanksgiving? And who exactly is buying candy canes and Christmas trees in October? I think if I saw someone pushing a cart of Christmas supplies right now I'd have to fight the urge to take their roll of wrapping paper and whack them in the head with it. How's that for Christmas Spirit? But really, what's the rush? I'd like to get through the fall season of changing leaves, light jackets, bonfires, hay rides, and Trick or Treating before I start thinking of snowflakes, heavy coats, mittens, carols, and egg nog (yes they have that in stock too now). And what started this tirade? Why the fact that my favorite radio station is now playing all Christmas songs all the time starting from last week till the new year.

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Denise said...

I have a relative who leaves her Christmas tree & decorations up all's her favorite time of year, so she just never puts it away.

I'm with you, they need to keep all that Christmas stuff put away until after Thanksgiving!!!